Nudging, making suggestions and developing ideas
to improve the quality of public services are the inspiration for the work I do.

Getting ideas to take hold is the difficult bit because it requires the active engagement of the political class which is essential for real reform to work.


With that clearly in mind, I provide analysis, recommendations, training and, at times, interim management in the following areas:

  • Development and articulation of strategies for public financial management (PFM);
  • Rationalising responsibilities for PFM;
  • Institutional arrangements for debt and aid management;
  • Project design, implementation and monitoring;
  • Improving the use and benefit of IT systems for PFM;
  • Design and delivery of training.


Consistent with the client’s requirements, I approach the task where possible by;

  • Active participation with staff at all levels;
  • Consultation with all stakeholders (interested parties);
  • Consensus building towards solutions that will be accepted.

Recent Assignments

Côte d’Ivoire

Atelier : Avoir un Conseil d’Administration effectif

2014 | Côte d’Ivoire | Crown Agents, for SCMS

Workshop held in Grand Bassam covering all aspects of duties and responsibilities of company board members to ensure the success of the company.


Workshop : Who does project Governance?

2013 | UK | Crown Agents

An interactive webinar to discuss project governance to ensure that its intended benefits are achieved through effective delivery and adherence to the budget.


Workshop : Managing and Controlling Projects

2013 | Vietnam | Crown Agents, for Government of Vietnam

Workshop held in Singapore considered issues related to the implementation of a project to improve computer usage and public internet accessibility in Vietnam.


Workshop : Managing and Controlling Projects – Practical Application

2013 | Ghana | Crown Agents, for SNV Ghana

Workshop considered practical issues  relating to SNV’s portfolio of projects in Ghana.


Establishment of a Consultation Office for Technical Assistance for the management of large infrastructure projects and the strengthening of l’Unité de Coordination des Projets

2012-13 | Haiti | Crown Agents, for Government of Haiti

Set up project office and acted as Project Director.


Workshop : Establishment of Project management Team

2012 | Iraq | Crown Agents, for UNDP Iraq

Training: Project Cycle Management For staff of Project Management Teams implementing JICA financed infrastructure rehabilitation projects


Haiti: Infrastructure and Institutions Emergency Recovery Project

2010-12 | Haïti | Crown Agents, for World Bank

As Project Director, I managed relationships with stakeholders and reports on progress on debris clearance, road repair and institutional recovery


Etude de Référence sur la Coordination des Bailleurs de Fonds, l’Harmonisation et l’Alignement au Burundi

2010 | Burundi | Crown Agents, for UNDP Burundi

As Team Leader, I coordinated activities and the presentation of a report which recommended institutional change to respond to the standards of the Paris Declaration


Mission d’appui pour l’élaboration d’un cadre organisationnel sur l’organisation, l’émission et la gestion des titres publics

2009 | Burundi | AFRITAC Centre (IMF)

I studied and reported on the potential for the development of a domestic market for borrowing in a post HIPC setting.


Toolkit for countries to resist the Attention of Vulture Funds

2009 | UK | Commonwealth Secretariat

As legislation against predatory activities of Vulture Funds exists in only a few countries, the toolkit is to help countries protect themselves against their debt being purchased and payment being forced.


Study on training needs in debt management

2009 | UK | Crown Agents

Many countries have benefitted from debt relief yet debt management is not sufficiently regarded as a technical skill in its own right. This study identified the gap between needs and availability of relevant training.


Review of computer based revenue management system TRIPS™

2009 | UK | Crown Agents

Revenue Management needs to be “taxpayer-centric” if it is to maximize collection. The TRIPS™ software does just that as well as making it possible to manage all sources of revenue together or separately depending on local institutional need. The study found the software fit for purpose.


Training (in French) on Debt negotiation and renegotiation

2008 | Cameroon | Commonwealth Secretariat

An era of involuntary debt relief is over. Countries now need the skills to identify and negotiate better structure for their public debt portfolio. This course provided grounding in the essential elements to consider.


Development of debt strategy and procedures manual

2008 | Gabon | AFRITAC Centre (IMF)

Some middle income African countries are able to borrow from international capital markets. Borrowing commercially on tough terms requires a strategy and the institutional procedures to carry it out. This study raised many of the issues to consider.


Development of debt strategy and procedures manual

2008 | Burundi | AFRITAC Centre (IMF)

Exit from the HIPC process has left some countries with a need to take charge of their own public debt portfolio and elaborate strategies about future financing with the best mix of grant and concessional borrowing. This study examined the institutional and procedural needs to achieve an effective portfolio.


Assessment of Regional Adviser Project and recommendations for its future

2007 | UK | Commonwealth Secretariat

Commonwealth Secretariat provided technical support on debt management to its members through advisers hosted by regional economic institution. This study reported on the effectiveness of the scheme and made recommendations for future operations which reflected users’ needs.


Public Financial Management Training course

2007 | UK | Crown Agents

The range and scope of PFM is vast. Most of its staff have a good understanding of their specific area of responsibility but often lack a view of all its components and its objectives. This course was designed to give staff a grounding in PFM’s objectives and the range of its activities.

Gabon Burundi

Assessment of needs debt management procedures manual

2007 | Gabon, Burundi | AFRITAC Centre (IMF)

As a prelude to later work, these missions assessed the existing arrangements for Public Debt Management in Gabon and Burundi. The identification of a need of a clearly documented strategy and associated capacity building informed subsequent work.